hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
chenzo is 58/m/Vegas Baby
"what do u look like?"
Since I play John Belushi in the Las Vegas Blues Brothers . . .
"wanna cyber?"
still virgin
"r u single?"
over 2 years
"have u got a site?"
not yet . . .
"what other sites u like?"
new lap top and would love to try
"so tell me more about urself?"
Lived in Vegas for 8 years. Never married, no children - but, I have no doubt that I would enjoy Grandchildren. I Love: writing and playing music, movies, good friends, hardy laughs, learning to enjoy my laptop and all the great gizmos, software, and applications (that will take me some time to learn), participating in sports, I also enjoy sports on TV - but - I would rather watch ESPN Sportscenter (30 min. show) then to have to sit through a 3 hour game on the tube (Super Bowl is always the exception) and I am a christian man (not to be confused with religious) - just spiritually bound with respect for all other personal beliefs. I don't like my instinctive reaction with issues or confrontations, as I still would rather let things lay - time heals all . . . (Probably not the most effective way to communicate, or lack of compassion/understanding). My ex did leave me with a few insights that may help my partnership/family skills %2
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