hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
chrish is 42/m/Fresno, California, USA
"got a pic?"

yeah. that's my cam img.
"what do u look like?"
Well. If the above doesn't quite tell you enough. I look like Usher with hair, and with glasses, and with some meat on me. That and at 5'10", I think I'm taller than Usher, and being Filipino, that I'd outeat, and cook a pig better.
"wanna cyber?"
Depends. How big is your font? Do you type slow? Or do you type nice and fast? I like my words long and big. Like "deoxyribonucleicidoschematic" gets me off EVERY single time. Type that out 5 times and I'm your fuckin slave. Oh and I'm not prejudice, but i'm really partial to red. Maybe it's something you're not into, but hey. I'm inexperienced. I'm still at 800x600, so I'm kinda like standard, but I could use another trips around the block. I still hunt and peck, and I'm not a home-row.
"r u single?"
Well I don't come in a double or a triple, so I guess single is how I come packaged.
"have u got a site?"
"what other sites u like?"
http://unlovely.net http://luscious.org.uk http://www.chickenlegs.net
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