hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
dikkok is 33/m/Patpong,Thailand
"got a pic?"

dik kok with expensice persian kitty which is dik kok fav food beside shaved dog...The bugle in dik kok shirt is because dik kok wee-wee apparatusk is too big to fit in undiewear
"what do u look like?"
i is likin to look at patpong pole dancing women....they're flatchested,smely and have stank asses but down here in thailand..it is the premium entertaiment
"wanna cyber?"
What is this?
"r u single?"
Yes.Single if you is not regardin dik kok wee-wee apparatusk as peopole,When Dik Kok was conceived,doktor tot dik kok was siamese twins..cuz dik kok is hafink long wee-wee appartusk
"have u got a site?"
no..but dik kok buildin one...will put in sale of street yaba pills...but no polismen please
"what other sites u like?"
anythin but horrible construcktion sites..make noise and dik kok cant study or recite chairman mao's revelutionary poems which grandpa from china tell dik kok to said eberyday
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