hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
gunwolf17 is 37/m/Pennsylvania, USA
"what do u look like?"
like a person.
"wanna cyber?"
cyber what??
"r u single?"
uhuh that "gunwolf17" dealie is my screename. Should really update it seeing as how I'll be 20 in less than 2 weeks. Wow..this thing sure sucks, doesnt it...doesnt even give you boxes for a bio or anything. Instead I have to write within this field. Oh well. Fuck it. Yeah, Im single, but i may be goin to Kuwait so it might not matter. But thats 50/50 right now. If I dont, Ill have to go to school like everyone else. I guess Ill be a junior If Temple takes all of my creds. Youknow..that fuckin box above pissed me off. "what" do u look like? "............" oh well. If you gotta know...Im 5/11 170 lbs(muscle) blond, green eyes. I dont know which celeb I resemble...If anything Id say probably one of those lesser known guys from tv like on WB or something, but i dont watch that crap so i couldnt tell ya who. I got pics, but i don know how to link 'em. If you wanna see one, youll just have to I.M. me like everyone else (friends i mean) Im not bragging, though I doubt youll be dissapo
"have u got a site?"
only the one on which i live.
"what other sites u like?"
lets see...California was nice.... what??, excuse me if I relate more to the real world. ok. fine, I'll capitulate: Google is useful...umm....The porn sites draw alot of traffic, lol. no...what else...uhhh.......philosophy, zen, photography, guitar, and the army-of which i am a part(though reserves) and occasionally a college website or something...there....content?
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