hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
katherine14xo is 31/f/washington, usa
"what do u look like?"
hmm...a person! wowee! wut a shocker, i know! haha, okay, no. UuuUummMmm...i'm 5 feel 4 inches, i have medium brown colored hair w/ sum lighter highlights, it's a bit past my shoulders/straight...i have light honey brown eyes and they turn dark brown a lot (i duno why! heehee) and uuhh...yah! and suma my favorite things are talking, acting, making vidoes, hangin w/ friends, bein crayzay and juss havin fun! o yea, and derek jeter is HOTT;)
"wanna cyber?"
Psh, o yea, nothing turns me on more than having online sex w/ sum random, overage/overweight, ugly fat guy i don't even know ! haha, KIDDING. fuck no!
"r u single?"
"have u got a site?"
i'm still workin on it, so for now no.
"what other sites u like?"
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