hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
kirk is 37/m/Pennsylvania, USA
"what do u look like?"
like a person. blond, green eyes, 5/11 175 lb
"wanna cyber?"
cyber what??
"r u single?"
uhuh. my other profile is for "gunwolf17"...my screename coincidentally, so whatever you werent satisfied w/ here...go look there. and the fuckers cut me off too...didnt mentin theres a word limit. what I was saying in the other one was that people have told me Im cute, yeah...but that doesnt matter because there are lots of attractive people and most of them are dumbasses, or worse-assholes, and while there have been times where Ive been accused of acting like one of the 2, its usually followed by"...for such a nice guy"
"have u got a site?"
well theres this one site thats really itchy....but, oh..I mean...umm...no
"what other sites u like?"
Philosophy, Zen, Guitar, Photography, and of course search engines-our new gods. oh, and anything remotely "The Simpsons"
    Profile created 12-Feb-2003. Last modified 12-Feb-2003.    

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