hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
matgraham is 34/m/Canberra, Australia
"what do u look like?"
i'm very sexy, or so my mum tells me (quite a lot)
"wanna cyber?"
yes, plz email me at mgraham@webone.box.sk
"r u single?"
yes plz phone me on 0408649954 - I am in need of love
"have u got a site?"
no, it kept gettin made fun of by these shit heds (U FUKEN FAGET CHRISJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
"what other sites u like?"
www.overclockers.com.au - they're like, the coolest people I know - BTW, CARL IS KRAP!!!!!!!!!!
    Profile created 24-Mar-2003. Last modified 24-Mar-2003.    

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