hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
rob429 is 31/m/NewYork,USA
"what do u look like?"
Soft Black Hair, green eyes, 5'9
"wanna cyber?"
Of course not. I have a loving gf. (kit kat)
"r u single?"
Nope. and lovin being taken.
"have u got a site?"
Yes. ask me about it
"what other sites u like?"
Gamefaqs.com. Wizards.com. xanga.com. Stuff.
"so tell me more about urself?"
Nothing I have to say to you really. Unless your important. In which case, you would already know me and are only reading this for fun. If you REALLY need to contact me again, and are desparately searching for a way to get in contact with me after a loooong absense or a misunderstanding, nintendorob16@aol.com. leave one
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