hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
shortie is 32/f/Ava Marie Mcmillin
"what do u look like?"
Of Course I am Cute) I Have light brown hair it changes wit da seasons and I Have Blueish Greenish eyes wit da hint of brown and I would'nt call myself Tall but not super short and I Am White and dats bout it
"wanna cyber?"
Nah! I Perfer the Real Deal LOL! But if any1 wanna chat I Dont date or talk to anyone younger den me or the same age k 18 ta 21 is Good 4 Me!
"r u single?"
I wish I was'nt but I am oh well I have My lil bro King LOL! =) BY the way I Love BLK guys wit a nice 6 pac Wink Wink
"have u got a site?"
half_pint_1988_07@yahoo.com PILL17POPPER@aol.com
"what other sites u like?"
www.ICQ.com www.MySpace.com www.Tagged.com
"so tell me more about urself?"
I am 17 my best friend is April Craig and I like hangin wit my pals and wachin t.v and layin round the house Me Lazy and I like going to the movies and causein trouble =) LOL! And surfin the net& chatin wit my friends and talkin on the phone Lisenin to music and takein cat naps and swimmin and bugging every1 I come in Contact wit LOL =) and here is my ICQ# 239364884 and my screen name is Shortie and pillpopper78@aol.com
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