hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
sirhomersimpson is 37/m/nyc, usa
"what do u look like?"
for halloween i dressed up as hugh hefner. i had a corncob pipe, brown hair, and no slippers. needless to say, i didn't look like hef - still sexy, tho. (there will be a pic here, as soon as i have access to a pic-generating machine)
"wanna cyber?"
i am both confused and perplexed by this question, if that's possible.
"r u single?"
i am married to the sea. not really.
"have u got a site?"
"what other sites u like?"
i'd prefer fav. movies: requiem for a dream, big lebowski, shawshank redemtion, donny darko, and life is beautiful.
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