hey! asl?

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"hey! asl?"
talldarkmystere is 38/m/Woodstock, Georgia - USA
"what do u look like?"
I'm 6'3 - 175 lbs - dark brown hair - gray-blue eyes - and I'm confident. :o)
"wanna cyber?"
I see no point in cybersex. I believe that sex is a very intimate thing that means alot more than 'I need to get laid' - Let it be for love, not lust.
"r u single?"
Yes, I am single. I've decided to date, in order to try and find that someone with whom I can share anything, and devote spending my time with.
"have u got a site?"
Yes. I work on it constantly. It's my pride and joy. Please visit! http://www.aitrusdesigns.com/
"what other sites u like?"
Too many to name here. Please visit my site, and see the links section. All of my links have been personally selected because I am impressed with them, and wish to share good things with others.
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